We had a great time camping here this past weekend. Activities abound for the kids and not just swimming in the lake AND pool, playing at the jumping pillow and playgrounds … we joined in on the bird banding session, kids went “mining” and got to show BooBoo their “treasure rocks”. My nephew took part in the paint wars. Our 3 & 7 yr olds had great weekend, definitely didn’t want to leave and definitely want to come back! Our only concern was at the beach near the grass edge there were many pieces of clay tile mixed in the sand, no one was ever hurt by them but did worry us a little. And also our camper spot was a bit tight to get backed into but we managed. (a “neighbor” was quick to help direct) We certainly be back .. when Cindy is at camp (says our daughter). As far as the staff goes, everyone was helpful with what little and few needs / questions we had, no complaints on that note. Until next time .. thanks for a great weekend!

J Dooley — August 2016